Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 1, June 2015, Pages 1-144 

Research Paper

Site directed mutagenesis to produce mutant Iranian rice-NSLTP2 (Oriza sativa) protein that contains Y45Wmutation

Pages 1-8

azam ahmadi; Mehran Miroliaei; majid Motevali bashi; abdorahim sadeghi; hamid abtahi; zahra eslami; Kamran Ghaedi

Study of HMGB1 role in Cerebral Ischemia and the signaling pathway inhibitor drugs

Pages 9-22


Isolation of yeasts from rice farms and study of secretory enzyme profile in two species of the genus Pseudozyma

Pages 23-34


mohammad soudi; shaghayegh nasr

Effect of the Leaf Extract of Aloe vera on Growth, Production of Alatoxin B1 and profile of Extracellular Proteins of Aspergillus flavus in vitro

Pages 35-44


RNA-binding function prediction of proteins based on their physicochemical features using the logistic regression method

Pages 45-53


Parviz Abdolmaleki

Cloning and Expression of Laccase Enzyme from Bacillus anthracis strain QZA2

Pages 54-64


parvin zamani; mohammad Ali amoozegar; khosro khajeh

Toxicological and biochemical characterizations of acetylcholinesterases in chlorpyrifos-susceptible and resistant populations of two spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch

Pages 65-75


Comparison of Coliform in Powder and Fresh Spirulina, Arthrospira platensis

Pages 85-93


zahra masoumizadeh

Evaluation of Genetic diversity of Iranian populations and foreign cultivars of safflower (Carthamus tinctorios L.) Using morphological traits and RAPD molecular markers

Pages 94-106


Mahmoud Ghorbanzadeh Neghab; Rahim Afzal

Trichoderma harzianum secretome and its efficacy in biocontrol

Pages 107-114


Sarah Kazemzadeh; Saeed Aminzadeh; Seyed Mehdi Alavi; Abolfazl Sarpeleh; Mojtaba Mamarabadi

Algal Bloom in Northwest Urmia Lake (Bari Station)

Pages 115-123


ramin manaffar

In vitro differentiation of human skin-derived precursors cells into insulin producing cells by glucose and rat pancreatic extract

Pages 124-135


Maryam Mehrabi; Saman Hosseinkhani; Cirus Jalili; Ali Mostafaie

Evaluation of bacterial contamination of surface waters of Haraz River

Pages 136-144


zahra yaghoubzadeh; Reza Safari