The Journal of Molecular and Cellular Researches is the Iranian Journal of Biology, which has been published quarterly by the Iranian Biology Society since 1995, and has been renamed Plant Research since 2013, Volume 26, Number 2.

Molecular and Cellular Researches is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles of significance in all areas of cell and molecular biology. High-quality papers and short communications are now invited for submission. Acceptance of manuscripts depends on their quality, originality, and relevance to the Journal’s scope. Interested authors are advised to read the “Instructions to Authors” for all details of requirements, procedures, referencing style and the technical review process for submitted papers at the web site of the journal. We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.

Research Paper

Study of structural and dynamic changes of GSK3β protein in the presence of CHIR99021 ligand using molecular simulation and docking

Pages 212-229

Javad Kazemi; Hosein Shahsavarani; Parviz Pakzad; Mohammadali Shokrgozar

Identification and expression analysis of salt stress-related miRNAs in Lentil (Lens culinaris L.)

Pages 230-247

Mehdi Goudarzi; Ahmad Ismaili; Seyed Sajad Sohrabi; Farhad Nazarian-Firouzabadi; Hamid Reza Eisvand

Bio-monitoring of temporal changes in the concentration of trace elements suspended in the air using lichen transplant technique

Pages 248-264

younes yaghobzadeh; Abbas Esmaili sari; Nader Bahramifar

Functional study of two signal peptides derived from Petunia (Petunia × hybrida) and Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) in order to transfer recombinant proteins to chloroplast

Pages 265-278

Marjan Adigozali Behrouz; Amir mousavi; Ali Hatef Salmanian

Evaluation of genetic diversity of Guava (Psidium guajava) by RAPD and ISSR markers

Pages 279-296

mohammad zabet; hamed naseri; zohreh alizadeh

Review Paper

Characterization and applications of plant peroxidase and nanoenzyme like-peroxidase

Pages 297-314

Fahimeh Bahramnejad; Ali Riahi-Madvar

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