Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 2, September 2016, Pages 159-255 

Research Paper

Mutagenesis in rice to develop drought tolerance and assessment of genetic variability of mutants using ISSR marker

Pages 126-140

An investigation on some physiological and molecular characterization of TRR14 Re-transformed Arabidopsis plant under salt stress

Pages 141-152

Mahnaz Aghdasi; Nooshin Moghadam

Bicistronic expression of the genes encoding the trastuzumab monoclonal antibody in tobacco using an internal ribosome entry site sequence

Pages 153-169

Morad Jafari

A Study of seed germination and seedling growth of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) affected by various solvents extract of leaves of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus Labill)

Pages 170-180

Effects of soil petroleum contamination on some physiological and molecular properties of plant

Pages 181-197

Saeideh Rajaei

Identification and introducing of an Iranian Pantoea agglomerans strain AKH25 by 16S rRNA sequence and investigation of it,s capacity to malononitrile degradation

Pages 198-208

Arastoo Badoei-Dalfard

Effect of sonication on the size of growth hormone transfersome

Pages 209-217

Maryam Kateh Shamshiry; Mahvash Khodabandeh; Fatemeh Atyabi; Reza Rasoolzadeh

Detection of genes controlling morphological traits of root and shoot for Iranian rice recombinant inbred lines caused AnbarbooƗspidroud crosses

Pages 218-233

Extraction of a polygalacturonase from Macrophomiona phaseolina and analysis of its stability

Pages 234-243

Elnaz Fahimi; Naser Farrokhi; Saeed Aminzadeh

The effects of salicylic acid on peroxidase,catalase and polyphenoloxidase activity in poato plants infected to Rizoctonia solani

Pages 244-255

Mohammad Reza Hadi; Mojtaba Jafarinia; G. Reza Balali