Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 4, March 2014, Pages 416-586 

Research Paper

Effect of feed additives on performance, immunity and ascites related parameters in broiler chickens

Pages 416-425

Effect of MCP on angiogenesis in HUVEC cells and Human Prostate cancer cell line DU145

Pages 426-437

Designing a phage-derived gene nanocarrier and examination of its capacity for delivering and expression of transgene in human cell line

Pages 438-445

Cytogenetical evaluation of canola cultivars and two wild species of Brassica

Pages 446-461

Morphologic and microsatellite genetic variation of honeybee populations in Ardabil

Pages 462-471

Survey the ability of flavobacterium sp.bacteria in solubilization of insoluble phosphate

Pages 472-479

Cloning and functional analysis of inducible promoter Rd29A in transgenic tobacco plants

Pages 480-490

Association study of mbl2 exon 1 polymorphisms and its relation to serum MBL level in tehran population

Pages 491-498

Effect of pasteurization method on shelf life of farmed Huso Huso fish fillets packaged by Sous Vide method in refrigerator

Pages 499-507

Effect of municipal effluent irrigation on accumulation of indicator bacteria and some of heavy metal in soil and plant

Pages 508-523

Using pectic zymogram technique to identify interspecies variation of some Penicillium species

Pages 524-531

Cellular Effects of Antibacterial Drugs, Sulfathiazole and Sulfacetamide, on a Breast Cancer Cell line (T-47D)

Pages 532-549

Construction of plant expression cassette for production of chimeric protein containing PGIP1 and PGIP2

Pages 550-561

The effect of the non-starch polysaccharides levels on intestinal enzyme activity and performance of laying hens

Pages 562-571

Analysis of EIN2 gene expression in Petunia (PetuniaƗhybrida) and study of its regulatory role in ethylene signaling pathway

Pages 572-586