Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 2, August 2018, Pages 121-278 

Research Paper

Anti-bacterial interactions Rosemary (Officinalis rosmarinus) and essential oils of lavender (Lavandula stoechas) on two Gram-positive and three Gram- negative bacteria in vitro

Pages 121-136

salman ahmady-asbchin; Mohammad Javad Mostafapour

Induction of Resistance to Grapevine fanleaf Virus (GFLV) by RNA Silencing Method

Pages 137-150

Samira Pakbaz; Maghsoud PAZHOUHANDEH

Molecular detection of tomato Resistance gene to stem canker disease caused by alternata Alternaria

Pages 151-157

Khadijeh Pirifard; Mohammad Ali Ebrahimi; Saeedeh Pirayesh

Evaluation of antioxidant and a-amylase inhibitory activity of two species Sargassum angostifolium and Palisada perforata

Pages 158-171

Kiana Pirian; Khosro Piri

Genetic diversity of date palm cultivars in Sistan and Baluchestan and Hormozgan provinces using microsatellite

Pages 172-186

Hesam Taghinejad; leila fahmideh; Davood Samsampoor; Majeed Askaryesyahooi

Effect of different uranium ore concentration in the bioleaching process by analysis of Acidithiobacillus sp. FJ2 cytochrome A1 gene expression

Pages 187-199

Faezeh Fatemi

Study of developmental stages and embryogenesis of Thymus daenensis microspors

Pages 200-209

Amin Heydari; Javad Hadian; Mohammad hosein Mirjalili; Alireza Karami; Mohammad Kanani

Evaluation of genetic diversity in several populations of medicinal Milk thistle using molecular marker

Pages 210-221

Navid Zamani; khaled mirzaei; Vahid Zamani

Research Paper

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in part of GH Gene and its Association with Carcass Traits in Afshari and Afshari-Booroola Merino sheep

Pages 222-232

Rahimeh Sepehri; Taher Harakinejad; Sadegh Alijani; Jalil Shoja; Seyed Abas Raafat

Study of the drug diffusion, aspirin and ibuprofen, in lipid bi-layer membrane by molecular dynamics simulation

Pages 233-257

Gholamhossein Sodeifian

Investigating the Mechanism of Selective Transport through the Pore Complex of the Cell Nucleus Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Pages 258-268

Zeinab Ghesmati; sarah mohammadinejad

Effect of different concentration of 2,4-D on somatic embryogenesis in some Iranian carrot genotypes

Pages 269-278

Mostafa Naseri; Hamidreza Balouchi; asad masoumi asl; Ali Moradi