Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 268-408 

Research Paper

Isolation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of regulatory elements in C3 gene promoter region of Salmon fish(Salmo salar)

Pages 342-352

Somayeh Khatami; Hoda Ayat

The study of structural and developmental characters of pollen grain, ovule and seed in Ebenus stellata Boiss.

Pages 278-291

Nayereh Tanaomi; Parissa Jonoubi; Abdolkarim Chehregani Rad; Ahmad Majd; Massoud Ranjbar

Investigation of POU5F1 and NANOG gene expression in colon cancer cell line (Caco-2) treated by dendrosomal nano-curcumin

Pages 292-301

Marziyeh Choori; sohrab Boozarpour; Abdolvahab moradi; Eisa Jorjani

The effect of olive oil on the production of omega fatty acids in Yarrowia lipolytica

Pages 302-311

Farshad Darvishi; Nahideh Salmani

Statistical analysis of plant anticancer peptides using the R environment

Pages 312-324

Leila Zarandi-Miandoab; Elahe Zade-Hoseingoli

Isolation, cloning and transient silencing of BBE1 gene using virus induced gene silencing technique in Iranian genotypes of Papaver somniferum L.

Pages 325-336

Ahmad Ismaili

Investigation of Spermatogonial Stem Cells in Adherent and Non-Adherent Culture

Pages 337-347

Hosein Azizi; abdolhossein shahverdi; Abasalt Hosseinzadeh Colagar

Studing the effect of Thymoquinone on the expression of iNos and Cox-1 genes in mouse bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 348-360

Elham Alimoradi; Hassan Akrami

Investigation of the black rock inhabiting fungi of the tomb of Cyrus the Great

Pages 361-369

Mahnaz Gholipour Shahraki; Parisa Mohammadi

A predator Halobacteriovorax isolated from the Caspian Sea and the investigation of its ability to control some gram negative pathogenic bacteria

Pages 370-385

Mojtaba Mohseni; Nazlar Mohammadhosseinzadeh; Abdolsamad Keramat

Investigation and bioinformatics analysis of squalene synthase gene and protein in native strain of Aurantiochytrium

Pages 386-397

mojtada mortazavi; shahryar shakeri; farshad khoshbasirat; mahmood maleki

Genetic Differentiation of Pterocarya fraxinifolia (Lam.) Spach populations In Iran using ISSR markers

Pages 398-408