Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 1, April 2017, Pages 1-106 

Research Paper

induction Effects of Colchicine and Chitosan on Rosmarinic Acid Production in Hairy Root Cultures of Zarrin-Giah (Dracocephalum kotschyi Boiss

Pages 1-13

nasrin ayyobi; mohamad fattahi

An investigation of the effect of copper nanoparticles on Staphylococcus aureus genome by RAPD molecular markers

Pages 14-25

nasrin zare; bahram golestani imani; farokh karimi

Mouse skin wound Healing using Lucilia sericata maggot extract

Pages 26-39

majid momeni moghaddam; jafar Vatandoost

Operational evaluation of sulfur oxidizing bacteria yield isolated from copper mine soil and their molecular identification based on 16S rRNA sequence

Pages 40-54

The effect of silver nanoparticles on cytogenetic index in 6 cultivares of barley crop

Pages 55-65

Farzaneh Ghasemi Sarab Badieh; Arash Fazeli; Ali Arminan; Reza Sahraei; Hoshmand Safari

Study of biodegradation ability of some petroleum derivatives by native bacteria isolated from plants rhizosphere

Pages 66-76

Fariba Mohsenzadeh

Investigation of The Antioxidant Enzymes And Proline In Varieties Of Maize (Zea mays L.) Under Salinity Stress

Pages 77-90

Davar Molazem

Evaluation of Effective Factors on Survival and Activity of Petroleum Degradation Bacteria in Bioremediation Process

Pages 91-99

soma narimani; eydi bazgir; hossein mirzaei najafgholi

The effect of calcium on the activation of thermolysin by salt

Pages 100-105

Abdolali Varasteh

Genetic comparison of Garra rufa (Heckel, 1843) in Shahpour (Kazeron) and Berim (Gachsaran) rivers by using microsatellite markers

Pages 106-116

Seyed Ali Akbar Hedayati; Ghasem Askari; Ali Shabani; Zahra Soltanifar