Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 4, February 2022, Pages 483-681 

Research Paper

Software Development for Auto-Evaluation of Toxicity of Bioactive Compounds by Artemia spp. Test

Pages 559-572

Fatemeh Salimi; Ali Matinnejad; Helia Farrokhnia; Mina Nosratzade

Design and Fabrication of a Microfluidic Device for Quantitative Analysis of Single Cell Migration and Invasive Assay

Pages 483-498

mohammad ghorbani; Hossein Soleymani; abdollah Allahverdi

Study on UV-B irradiation impact on atropine content and antioxidant enzymes activity in Atropa (Atropa belladonna L.) plant hairy roots

Pages 573-583

behnam karjo; Mohammad Fattahi

Differentiation and specific detection of Shigella genus using 16S Single Specific Primer PCR (16S SSP- PCR)

Pages 584-596

Hamidreza Mollasalehi; Narges Vahedipour; Mahrokh Alimi

Citric acid production by agricultural wastes with Aspergillus niger using solid state fermentation and process optimization

Pages 597-611

farangis atashnoor; Masoumeh Anvari

Monitoring the Zinc ion using the recombinant enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) based on E. coli surface display

Pages 612-622

Saghi Saghi Hakimi Naeini

Association between miR146a gene rs2910164 polymorphism with breast cancer in Irainian female by Tetra-Arms PCR

Pages 623-637

Elham Siasi; mahkameh solimani; sedigheh mehrabian

Prevalence analysis of FLT3 mutations in patients with acute myeloid leukemia with normal karyotype in Northeastern Iran

Pages 638-652

Saeedeh Ghazaey; Nafise Amini

Investigation of the effect of Quercus brantii fruit-hull extract on hen egg-white lysozyme fibrilation and defibrillation

Pages 499-514

Masoumeh Faramarzian; Seifollah Bahramikia

Simultaneous refolding and purification of MO-CBP2 IBs using urea gradient

Pages 515-525

Fatemeh velayatipor; Saeed Aminzadeh; Seyed Abdolhamid Angaji; Fatemeh Fotouhi Chahuki; Marzieh Ghollasi

Effect of Phosphorus and Magnesium Treatment on Root Structure of Salicornia spp.

Pages 526-543

Samaneh Moatabarniya; Abdul Karim Chehregani; Mohammad Reza Ghaffari; Nayer Azam Khoshkholgh sima

Effects of Salvia officinalis essential oil on induction of apoptosis in SKOV3 ovarian cancer cells

Pages 544-558

zahra adeli; Zahra Zamani; majid rajabian; hamid sobhanian