Keywords = wheat
Structural changes of root, stem and leaf tissues in Tritichum aestivum cv. Mihan, under drought stress

Volume 35, Issue 3, October 2022, Pages 393-404

Kolsoum azizi; Abdolkarim Chehregani Rad; jalal soltani

Study of phenanthrene and pyrene effects on photosynthetic pigments, membrane stability and antioxidant enzymes activities in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Volume 33, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 44-55

Seyed Yahya Salehi Lisar

Control of wheat seedling blight caused by F.graminearum through seeds priming with salicylic acid

Volume 33, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 56-64

Mona Sorahinobar; Akbar Jahedi; Vahid Niknam; Babak Moradi; Naser Safaei; Hassan Ebrahimzadeh; mehrdad behmanesh

Assay of NPR1, MLO and BI-1 genes expression in susceptible wheat to powdery mildew after treatment with chitosan

Volume 31, Issue 4, January 2019, Pages 471-483

marjan khatami; leila Ahangar; Fakhtak Taliei Tabari; Hossein Sabouri; Valiollah Babaeizad

Study of genetic diversity of Septoria tritici isolates from wheat fields in Ilam province using SSR marker

Volume 29, Issue 4, May 2017, Pages 433-451

Khoshnood Nourollahi